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About "RWC"

The Universal Literacy Equalizer

We believe reading and writing are directly connected. Literacy is defined as reading and writing. Reading and writing skills are directly connected to oral communication skills. If a student is struggling in reading, often, they will struggle with writing and poor communication skills. Reading and communication skills cannot be instantly evaluated. Through the theory of ”better reading through writing,” we believe instant feedback on writing skills will directly correlate to higher literacy scores.

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Instant writing feedback will help students, teachers,  parents, and administrators differentiate individual instruction on the spot. Through our process, we use authentic writing samples to give a common language to all stakeholders with easy to understand data. The doctrine of marginal gains is about small incremental improvements adding up to a significant improvement.

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Founder of "RWC"

Founder of ReadWriteCommunicate, Jay Torgesen

ReadWriteCommunicate was founded by Jay Torgesen, who was a struggling student. Although he finished high school reading on a ninth-grade level, he taught himself how to overcome reading and writing obstacles while in college by using the ReadWriteCommunicate method.

 With over 20 years of experience as a parent, teacher, and administrator in the public education system, he became more aware of how this is an ongoing national issue. He began searching for instructional tools similar to the method he used and realized that nothing was available.  While Jay went on to receive a Bachelor’s of Secondary Education, Master’s of Educational Administration and an Educational Specialist in Administration, he realized that other students could also benefit from his method. This led him to the creation of ReadWriteCommunicate.

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